A.M Wonderful Surprises

I love to wake up to pleasant surprises in my email...
This morning I woke up to a note from Darragha:

"I've written a "short" and posted it in the HOT HOUSE section of Liquid Silver Books' Reader's Forum . You'll need to be a member to read it...but it may just tickle your fancy. Enjoy! A snippet is posted below. When you "join" the forum, you'll need to check the box for the "over 18" section. To deter spammers, new members must reply to two posts before they can start a new thread.

Sometimes, you just gotta write what you're thinking about. Leave it to me to be cleaning my house for the holiday hellatives and be thinking about a M/s relationship.*****Enjoy this impromtu short. Maybe I'll, ummm...flesh it out...I may need Roxy Harte's help, however. I see the title looming before me...BOOK NIGHT"


So, after reading the email...of course I raced over to LSRF to find this new "short"...and Darragha amazed me once again with her ability to make me FEEL in the first few pages. Without asking her permission I am posting a small excerpt here... so hopefully I will get her blessing to leave it on my blog. By hitting the LSRF link above, you can register as she instructed above and read the full short. Personally, I hope this Short finds itself becoming a Full Length quickly and I would be a very willing "proofreader" because Darragha has me hooked....

Excerpt to BOOK NIGHT by Darragha Foster.
Tonight, you shall call me Master. You shall wear my collar and act as a slave should.”

“Ah, a little role-playing. All right. But I’ve never been into the whole Master/slave thing. It’s degrading and demeaning to women,” I replied.

“Oh, really? I have seen the gleam in your eyes when you read the line, be proud of your slave heart aloud to the group. You have the strong heart of a slave. You have the broad heart of a woman who knows she can be owned. It is almost impossible for a girl to keep her thoughts or feelings from her master. He knows her too well.”

“All that you get from hearing me read aloud?” I asked.

“Kneel,” he again commanded.

It took him over an hour to get me to kneel. He held his hands behind his back and calmly, very patiently, encouraged me to give myself over to him. To give up control. Control. I had never given up control.

He recited from Beasts of Gor, the book we’d been reading in our literature circle. It had been introduced to the group as a joke. After we finished the first in the series, Tarnsman of Gor, we agreed to read the entire series. “Once a girl truly understands that she is a slave, and there is no escape for her, once she understands it truly, emotionally, categorically, intellectually, physiologically, totally, deeply, profoundly, in every cell in her beautiful body, a fantastic transformation occurs in her. She then knows she is truly a slave. She then becomes wild and free, and sexual, and cares not that she might be scorned by the free either for her miserable condition or helpless appetites; she knows she will be what she must; she has no choice; she is slave.”

I balked. “I will call no man Master. Ever.”

He brought his hands around. In them he held a simple leather collar.

I shook my head. “I am not a slave.”

He laughed. “On Gor, it is said that free women are slaves who have not yet been collared.” He was quoting again. Magicians of Gor. I was beginning to hate the series.

“It’s a reading group, Antwon, not a slave market,” I replied.

“Wear my collar. Find the joy and serenity that comes from being owned. You shall want for nothing, experience everything and truly understand what it is to be a sexual creature. When you wear my collar.”

“I am in control of my destiny. No man…” I began.

Yeah, I'm hooked Darragha...bring on the FULL LENGTH ... PLEEASSSE!!

And in other Awesome AM News Happenings...

Sacred Secrets has been placed in the TOP TWENTY HIGHEST RATED EBOOKS over at SeXrotica.net

I am in the TOP SELLERS LIST over at Fictionwise eBooks

So, all in all, it is the beginning of an AWESOME DAY...

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LSB Author, Darragha Foster said...

Permission granted any time you want to banter my name about the Net, baby.

I banter yours around enough! After I read "Sacred Secrets" I was agog. Aghast. Shocked. Horrified. Terrified...you got me in the gut with that tale, Roxy! No coffee? Yeah...that still bothers me. Damn, you're good.

I've been talking up Sacred Secrets over at A Common Kajira under my *other* blog name. I keep telling the "slave" that she has to ask her "Master" permission to read your book. Well worth the effort, I dare say.

Be well, sister!