Someone other than Me Flogged My Friend Xandra? No Fair!

Wow, My friend Xandra was reviewed by Mrs. Giggles ... or so I thought until I read the review ...

"Hounded has a very rich background, it seems, and Ms Gregory has done a lot of work in world-building. But all those details are crammed into a mere 35 pages with little or no explanation as to what all those fancy jargons in those pages mean. I end up feeling like I've somehow rushed into a Mardi Gras festival packed with people who just happen to be speaking in the Klingon language - too many things are going on and I have no clue what these things are. I think I will enjoy Ms Gregory's bubbly sense of humor if this story doesn't suffer from poorly-inserted detail overload. For a short story, sometimes keeping things simple is probably the best way to go. Let's just keep all that stuff for the upcoming full-length."

Funny, I just don't think Mrs. Giggles got the famous sex on the parade float moment ... I mean, come on...SEX ON A PARADE FLOAT...Xandra blogged (in June):
"...I ripped it apart and started again. And again. And again. Until finally, my critique partner, the lovely and talented and just a bit twisted Roxy Harte suggested that I do something just wacky and off the wall. “I’d love to see some sex on a parade float,” she said. And the current incarnation of “Hounded” was born. So hat tip to Roxy for kicking my creativity in the head…or in her case, flogging it where it hurts."

Note to those intered, I do so love to flog my friends!!

Now back to Mrs. Giggles...she probably wouldn't want to read Sacred Secrets because if she didn't understand the thrill behind exhibitionism ... she definitely wouldn't get isolation, punishment, or the pleasure/pain contrast.

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Xandra Gregory said...

No matter what, no one will ever flog me like you do, hon! :D