Boobs Are In the News Again

Some days I am amazed with what makes big news in our country. Some days I'm flat out appalled ... and I should be using that particular verb in the context of the starvation of children across our globe (btw, FIFTEEN MILLION children will starve to death this year if you were unaware that it is a problem), or the nonsensical continuation of the war in Iraq, or the continued violence and sexual mutilation endured by women in the name of patriarical religious practices ...and now seen more and more in the medical community of this country; but no, today, I am appalled that we as women still have to fight for the right to bare our breasts and feed our babies...I can't even find the words for the level of anger I feel... if you wanna know what ticked me off...read on the copied version of the AP release...

And my apologies to Xandra Gregory, who I promised to blog about earlier today...join me tomorrow to find Mrs Giggles review of Xandra's anthology A Witch In Time...

30 Protest Nursing Woman's Removal From Plane
SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (Nov. 15) - About 30 parents and their children sat in front of an airline counter Wednesday to protest the treatment of a passenger who said she was kicked off a plane for breast-feeding her child.

Mothers breast-fed their children and held up signs during the "nurse-in."

"I just think it's unbelievable that it happened in 2006, especially in Vermont" said Lora McAllister, a Swanton mother. "It's kind of mind boggling."

Emily Gillette of Santa Fe, N.M., had complained that she was kicked off an airplane because she was nursing her baby.

A complaint against two airlines was filed with the Vermont Human Rights, although Executive Director Robert Appel said he was barred by state law from confirming the complaint. He did say state law allows a mother to breast-feed in public.

Elizabeth Boepple, a lawyer hired by Gillette, 27, confirmed that Gillette filed the complaint late last week against Delta Air Lines and Freedom Airlines. Freedom was operating the Delta commuter flight between Burlington and New York City.

A Freedom spokesman said Gillette was asked to leave the flight after she declined a flight attendant's offer of a blanket.

"I was horrified that a mother could be humiliated like that," said Caroline Beer, 34, of Burlington.

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Want to do something? Change the views in this pathetic, misguided puritanical nation?

and get involved with your local LeLeche League...


celine chatillon said...


Hell, I breast fed my babies on public airlines all through the 1980's and 90's... Are we going backward in this regard?

No way!!!

I find this the most ludicrous, male chauvenistic, idiotic thing imaginable... It would be laughable if it wasn't such a tragedy.

Breastfeed your babies--and be proud of it! God gave you the boobs and you're the perfect woman for the job, Mom!

Shayla Kersten said...

Why do people have to be so idiotic?

Xandra Gregory said...

Sadly, there are a lot of women who would be appalled at a woman nursing her baby. Some of the worst harassment I got while nursing was from other women! Come on, ma sistahs, what gives?

I hope that nurse-in made people think--that it made men go home and kiss their wives and thank them for the love they gave their children...made women go home and hug their children...and made kids reach for the hands of their mothers as if to say, "Thanks, Mom. I never realized you'd have to fight just to feed me."

C. Love said...

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. Celine, I think we were cut from the same cloth.
I breast fed both of my babies for 2 years each! Both for babies health and selfish reasons. I horded my babies. hehe I am a stay at home mom, so I was fortunate to not encounter much negativity about it. My MIL is from Germany, she was very happy to see me nursing my babies. My mom is a nurse, so she was very pleased as well. My kids were very rarely ever ill, were always in the top percentage of the development charts and rarely ever cried and no ear infections that plague bottle feed babies and it helps the mom loose the baby weight.

Of course my biggest supporter was my husband. Any flack given he defended me. I found that there are more men who support breast feeding then women. It had nothing to do with peeking at boobs either. I always covered with a blanket in public just to give baby some peace. If someone didnt like it, I just told them to go away!

I read about a growing trend of women nursing their men/partners and being able to lactate again for pleasure. (uh um another plus for BF. Some women are known to reach the point of orgasm from it.) I thought that was interesting, but Im done. Babies are are 8 and 6 now, the end. hehe