New Writing Project: A LITTLE INDULGENCE


So I am starting a new WIP and focusing on one of my favorite BDSM themes... Age play

Terms Defined:

Age Play-mutually enjoyable and consensual D/s scene (or full-time committed relationship) 

Daddy - one player is Big ie Dom ie Daddy - Daddy's love to shower their baby girls with lavish attention and will indulge their littles by watching cartoons, colouring, or playing with their beloved dolls or stuffies with them. Daddy's will arrive bearing treats (a new pacifier, or blankie, or teddy bear, or chocolates) if their "little" has accomplished a task, earned a promotion at work, etc. Daddy's favorite past-time is pleasuring or punishing their "little" sexually and will sometimes call this Big-Girl time, however roles usually stay in place because the "little" stays in the headspace so carefully created as a safeplace by their loving Daddy.

Baby Girl/Princess - one player is little ie sub ie baby girl - Baby Girls enter the headspace of their preferred age bracket (Infant, Terrible Two, Toddler, Young Child (4-6), Child (6-10) Tween (10-12) Teen) and rarely roam more than one age bracket from norm. Knowing the Baby Girl's age is very important as play can range from pacifiers and diapers with crib time confinement as punishment to Toddler/Young child who loves coloring, cartoons, juice boxes, stuffies, and storytime with spankings as punishment to Teens who require a heavier hand...

My WIP Explored:

Anyone who knows me well realizes that to draw me out of my hibernation cave and take me to lunch means also bouncing writing ideas or divulging all the dirty little twists and turns of my latest writing project...I try to start with full disclosure... this WIP is heavy with Shibari, or Spanking, or in this weekend's case: BDSM Age Play.

Was a surprised the first comment from my lunch companion to be: So legal pedophilia becase both people are consenting adults? 
And my response was EWWW, GROSS, NO!

Hence the importance of this blog post.... Educate the Masses!
Age Play can be a very important component of sexually active adults, just as a Dom/sub relationship allows people to Dominate or Surrender to needs and urges greater than societal norm of vanilla missionary...

example: CEO's can come home, shed the business suit, soak in a bubble bath and play with their rubber ducks, dress in jammies, and then relax while watching their favorite Disney movie while swigging from a juice box or baby bottle filled with wine... and then when Daddy comes home explore a full range of emotions from laughter to tears to euphoria of orgasm...

Back to my lunch date...
Now that we got the Ewww... Gross... out of the way...

I am completely involved with my characters and the words are flying onto the page faster than I can type... mainly I have tons of personal life reference... love, love, love age play! This is not something someone expects to hear at lunch, but okay, sure, let's start with the TMI because my friends come to expect this from me...

The trick is to write a story that doesn't hit the reader between the eyes and their mind goes to the Ewww end of the spectrum but rather to the realm of I'm Intrigued, Tell Me More...  to the Oh My God, I Need More!

Now I'm ready to get the word out to my readers... and hopefully... intrigue a few minds as to why and how this all works because it's a curious transition to go from "Yay, Daddy's home! Play with me!" and sitting on the floor playing with dolls together to "Lift your nighty Princess and show Daddy your panties" to "Have you been a Good Little Girl today or a Bad Little Girl today?"

Expect language like: 
"Please let me suck it, Daddy."
"I can be a good girl, please don't spank me, Daddy!"

So... here I go... back to the typewriter....
Comments welcome :)

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