Surviving the BIG Mistakes

Conquering the BIG Mistakes is coming Nov 24!
Alexandra Van Zant, Patrick "Gabe" Gowan, Conor, Larkin, Jonathon O'Donnaell dance between flirting, jealous, and fucking a lot as the menage a quatre roles are defined...

Surviving the BIG Mistakes is now available!

Alexandra Van Zant, geneticist and beautiful mess, has discovered a huge mistake: one of her colleagues has engineered an extremely lethal hybrid disease codenamed Extinction Event, and even worse he's fled, leaving her to deal with it.

Worse turns life-threatening for Alexandra when a wealthy environmentalist needs the virus to bring about his vision of Utopia. He'll stop at nothing to hunt her down. With no destination in mind and only an urgent email from her brother to guide her, Alexandra runs to the mountains of Montana--a backwater town where no one will know her.

She makes another, huge mistake in drowning her sorrows in a ménage a quatre with her childhood friend Gabe. The Irish Pub owner Gabe has loved Alexandra since he was twelve, and he's determined to stand by her no matter what comes. But when the bodies start dropping like flies will Alexandra trust him to help her survive?
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