Chronicles of Surrender

I'm getting so many emails and queries concerning this series.
And I am so glad you all love it soooo much!

Which is why I was so sad when I had to pull both ebook and print editions from the last publisher due too many problems I was having with them...

So many encouraged me to self publish, listing Shades of Gray's success as a reason.

Instead I chose Ellora's Cave.
They will be releasing the entire series in its entirety, however that will take time... and hopefully your patience will hold out.

Sacred Secrets: Book One is available now.

The main reason Shade's of Gray is in major bookstores and even Kroger's is hype...
It moved through  the process at sonic speed.

So I encourage you, if you love the Chronicles of Surrender... tell Ellora's Cave. Comments@ellorascave.com 

Tell your friends to buy it.
Jump into book blog conversations and comment on how much you love the Chronicles of Surrender...

Because the bottom line is that the Chronicles were written long before Shades of Gray was even drafted; however, few people talked about The Chronicles of Surrender when they came out. Oh, my readers have always told me. I know you love it. I know that Kitten and Garrett and Lord Fyre have changed your lives.

Now tell the world!

And thank you thank you thank you for loving The Chronicles of Surrender!!


Athena Grayson said...

Glad to see they're coming out again! The Chronicles are the Real Thing. 50 Shades is amateur hour, when you're done with that, get some Big Girl BDSM with the Chronicles.

Beautiful cover, by the way.

Megan said...

Just finished the first book and LOVED it, but it makes me crazy that I've stumbled upon the series after it was pulled from the e-shelves :'(. I just sent an e-mail to Elloras Cave as suggested, but it is not going to make waiting any easier. *sigh... Any ideas at all on the time frame?

Roxy Harte said...

Ellora's Cave has not yet started the editing process on Sacred Revelations, so I can't even guess until they do. I am hoping very early 2013...and as soon as I know I will let you know:)