Chronicles Spotlighted On The Forbidden Bookshelf

I am very delighted that my series The Chronicles of Surrender was spotlighted on The Forbidden Bookshelf Blog! So excited, that I am offering a giveaway of the ebook Vow of Silence.

First, how to enter:
Comment on THIS POST and on THE FORBIDDEN BOOKSHELF post. Make sure to include an email addy using "AT" and "DOT" as appropriate. At the end of the month I will compile a list of all those who qualify, throw the names in a hat and have my hubby, Sir Hotness, draw a name:)
Then I will post here and email the winner. Since the book will not release until summer it will be a bit of a wait, but well worth it. I think the character George Kirkpatrick is one of my favorites, and since the story revolves around him...

Not sure you are interested in Vow of Silence?
How about the cover and blurb as enticement?

Is love enough to sway destiny?

George Kirkpatrick, reeling from the loss of his friend and boss, Garrett Lawrence, the owner of Lewd Larry’s Fetish Fantasy Nightclub, finds solace in the arms of a very vanilla woman… until a woman from his past returns to further complicate his life.

Lin Kuan, a renowned San Francisco metal sculptor, met George Kirkpatrick under false circumstances and believed she was dating a psychiatrist, not a sadist…too late she discovers she loves the man… and determines to change him.

Gigi Marconi seeks penance in pain, but not for the life she ruined. Will the vow she made as a child destroy her before she has a chance to face the truth? Or will the love of the man she once betrayed be her salvation?


Hcg diet said...

*waving arms around* I want one..*jumping up and down*

Jvalles said...

Question the other blog has "sacred secrets as their giveaway, but you have "vow of silence" which one is the right one?

Roxy Harte said...

Two separate contests, they are offering Sacred Secrets. I am offering Vow of Silence:) To be entered to win on mine you have to comment at both blogs, not sure what their rules stipulate.

Hope that clears it up!

Jvalles said...

I did both just wanted to clarify the prize :)

bw said...

Roxy- I see Lyrical Press is saying pub date is May 2nd! Yeah! Add me to the drawing, please