Say A Prayer For Jazzi

I'm very worried about my sick girl, a 1/2 black lab, 1/2 australian shepherd mix. She is a very sick girl.

She got choked on a raw hide chewy yesterday and after vomiting hard enough to dislodge it seemed fine, but then proceeded to vomit several more times. I thought she'd just irritated her throat but upon further investigation my microbiologist hubby who isn't squeamish at all reported that something strange was going on. It seems what she'd thrown up hadn't come from us. So now he thinks the raw hide wasn't the culprit at all.

We feed her dry food...
What she threw up was obviously trash pickings...macaroni and corn. The troubling part is that neither of those things were in our garbage.

Now, I'm guilt ridden because she ran out of our fenced yard for a few minutes while I was watering the garden and has obviously gotten something from our neighbor's (guessing since they had a backyard bar-b-que over the weekend--although she wasn't out of our yard more than a few minutes. That's apparently all it took.)

I called the vet who seemed fairly unconcerned by vomiting as an only symptom.
Am I being overly dramatic to worry about dehydration?
I know the vet knows we always keep her inside with us except for potty breaks and play time, maybe that's why she isn't alarmed, but even in our air-conditioned house, if she isn't eating or drinking anything...it seems like a problem! Now, she's just laying around listlessly and obviously feels horrible.

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