No Prom For Gays...

It's an old song still playing in the school system...if you are gay or lesbian don't even think about coming to the prom. If you are a guy and come wearing a dress you will be stopped at the door...if you are a girl wearing a tux just stay home...

In Mississippi, Constance McMillan sought a higher ruling and WON.

The prom's still off at a Mississippi high school that canceled it instead of letting a lesbian student bring her girlfriend, but a federal judge ruled Tuesday that the district's actions did violate the teen's constitutional rights.

So, where exactly does that leave Constance and other teens like her? With no prom. I guess the judge can't force the school to hold its annual prom...the judge wrote, "requiring defendants to step back into a sponsorship role at this late date would only confuse and confound the community on the issue.""

It all makes me weary.

I guess some of the parents have joined together to host a "private prom" so that everyone isn't left out of something so important but it is unclear to Constance whether she will be welcome to attend.

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