New Cover Sneak Peek!

Coming next week from Loose-Id! My FIRST M/M Romance! I'm very excited so I hope I'll get lots of comments from my readers to let me know if Gay Erotic Romance is a direction they'd like me to pursue more often:)


Anonymous said...

you say on your goodreads profile: "I write erotica, specifically erotica that explores the emotional and psychological elements of relations involving BDSM or that are LGBT based."

Is this m/m book bdsm based?

Since this is your first m/m I have not read anything by you yet and was hoping to get a better idea of what to expect...

Roxy Harte said...

Survival Instinct is specifically M/M no BDSM.

My Chronicles of Surrender are BDSM based with characters who are gay, bi, or transgender.

Heart of Change is F/F with some M/F and BDSM is a tangent...

Painted Lady is a historicaly based M/M/F with some BDSM.

I hope you will give one of my stories a try:)