Very Sad Day...

Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at Sea World Florida, died yesterday in an accident involving one of the killer whales she worked with. She was forty years old and was living her life's dream of wanting to work at sea world since she came to the park herself as a young child.

Her death has hit our family hard, not because we knew her personally, though we did see her perform last summer, but because my youngest, Beautiful Girl, has shared that dream for as long as I can remember.

Beautiful Girl started Wright State University last fall as a biology/psychology major with the dream of working at Sea World in mind. Last summer we took her to Sea World and Discovery Cove so that she could see the animals up close, talk to trainers, and find out exactly what she needed to do to make her dream a reality.

When she received a text from her dad telling her the news, we were all left in shock and launched into many internet searches to discover what happened...and have been left with the reality that large mammals whether lions or tigers, or killer whales, have and always will be dangerous even when in captivity, even when trained by the best trainers...and sometimes even the most experienced trainers die while doing the job they love.

We're very sad...and our hearts go out to the loved ones Dawn Brancheau left behind.

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