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For those of you who missed my post over at the Femmes Guide To Absolutely Everything last week, I'm reposting the important parts now, or if you prefer to see the original post you can go there. It's titled The Bitchin' and Moanin' is Over.

For those of you who have read my earlier posts griping about publishers who claim to publish LGBT and who do indeed provide their readers with the G … but rarely if ever any LBor T … I am finished complaining. At least for now.
Because I finally found a publisher willing to take a chance and I will have my first (L) being released in March…originally as an ebook but a few months later in print. My Femme character Simone Sinclair is finally going to have life breathed into her. Call me wickedly thrilled.
The publisher is Samhain Publishing and I am very excited by the publicity this up and coming publisher is getting, so cross your fingers that HEART OF CHANGE will do well and will open doors for me to get more of my lesbian work published.
So for today, my bitching and moaning is over and I am celebrating.

Here is the quick tag:

No yesterday’s Cinderella story here, Simone is a self-made woman who thought she needed a man to make her dreams come true and discovers no man is required especially when the woman chasing her heart is strapped on and knows how to use it!

And the longer blurb:

True love hides where you least suspect it.

After the truth comes out about her age, forty-something porn star Simone Sinclair is handed her walking papers, ending a career that has become more extreme sport than art form. The final straw is her long-time partner’s idea to start their own international studio with a marriage proposal tossed in to sweeten the deal. After two decades of waiting for him to deliver the white picket fence, it’s not exactly the offer she was expecting.

At least she doesn’t need a man to answer the alarm of her biological clock. And when she shares a dance with Geri, one of her lesbian gal pals, she discovers she doesn’t need a man to fulfill other fantasies, either. But Geri’s not interested in touch and tease—she wants more than Simone is ready to give.

Torn between three dreams—a post-retirement career, a family, or lasting love—Simone retreats to get her head on straight, coming to one conclusion. She can’t have everything. But two out of three is worse than nothing at all…

I hope you’re intrigued enough to support me in my effort to get lesbian erotica out in the mainstream world! Spread the word about HEART OF CHANGE because the more copies I sell, the more likely Samhain Publishing will be to represent


Jen said...

Hi Roxy -- I don't really read lesbian stories as they usually just don't hold my interest; however, as much as I enjoy your books I'm more than willing to try it out again.

But I have to finish Unholy Promises first (starting it tonight) because...Lord Fyre...yum! :)

I do have a question though -- will this book have D/s or BDSM qualities that we've come to know and love from you or will it be straight vanilla?


Roxy Harte said...

Hi Jen,
As far as holding your interest...I think you and a whole bunch of other women willing to give me one shot are going to be very surprised! And although I do write both both vanilla (see my historical currently at Loose-Id PAINTED LADY) this one has BDSM elements which will be quite surprising as well:)

Glad you are willing to give it a try, please let me know what you think after you read it, please:)

And as far as Lord Fyre goes...I totally agree! Good thing there are a few more books in the series so I can get my fill of him. Not sure that is possible though...



Jen said...

Awesome. Okay, you get your shot at surprising me with Heart of Change.

Oh, and, it is SO not possible to get too much Lord Fyre...I'm almost positive...nope, I'm positive. And, yes, I'm very happy there are a few more stories in that series.

I can't wait to see where you take them. :)