Where Did The Month Go?

Wow...January is gone baby gone! What happened there?

I had no idea when I wrote on Dec 28 that I was taking the rest of the year off that I wouldn't be posting my thoughts again for a full month...

So who's been suffering through flu season?
Me. Me. Me.

I have officially been sick since two weeks before Christmas, struggling through the ending of Echo of Redemption to get it turned in by an extended deadline. Really struggled through edits for:
Survival Instinct coming in March from Loose-Id
Unholy Promises coming in February from Lyrical
Heart of Change coming in March from Samhain.

I've also started Cries of Penance Book 5 of the Chronicles of Surrender.

This update catches you up to last weekend...and then things got crazy worse.
Sunday my brother passed away and this week has been...

Hopefully, the full moon (tomorrow) will herald in a time of healing and positive influences. Right now I can't promise I will start posting again daily...but I will endeavor to post before another month passes!

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Kristina said...

So sorry to hear about your brother. I hope the full moon revived your spirits.