Four-Star EDGE Review!

Kimberley Spinney from sensual.ecataromance.com "Roxy Harte has written a novel that is definitely not for the faint of heart. The story is graphic and startling, yet it has a sensual draw that will definitely leave the reader sweating. Edge will bring you to the very limits of your comfort zone and press against all of your previous ideas of what is sensual. This is a dazzling story of suspense, intrigue, discovery and the sensual boundaries we face in the name of sexual discovery."

"Roxy Harte delves into tough topics and deep aspects of BDSM that will leave any reader breathless. While this is definitely not your typical romance, it definitely delivers a sensual feast of love and devotion that is hard to compare to. Edge is definitely four star material and I am looking forward to seeing if Ms. Harte has more in store for these three very unique characters."

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