The Cougar is "In"

I snorted when I saw there was a reality show much like the Bachelorette but starring a COUGAR (read older woman)

Now, there is The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock (who is 44 btw and her 90% nude shot made me realize I really need a personal trainer)

I saw the Proposal today with two of my daughters. Personally, I love the older woman, younger man theme. Probably has something to do with my suddenly finding myself in the position of suddenly being older than every hot guy or gal I take notice of. Okay, so I'm going off on a tangent here but I find this totally shocking. I'm not sure when it happened, or how I never noticed before, but suddenly I am older. The only thing I can think of as an explanation is that I've never been a big fan of mirrors...those pesky laughlines just crept in around my eyes and I didn't notice...really. Okay, tangent over...

The cougar is "in" it seems...
Except in romantic fiction.

I love to find novels where the heroine is 40+
I really love when the hero is slightly younger...
But they are rare gems.

I'm thinking my next book is going to be older woman/younger man...I may not find a publisher but it seems fun:)

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