My ex BF stopped in on Saturday to show me and Sir Hotness his newest Harley (Um, yeah, it's my favorite color...purple...he has good taste)

And the conversation revolved around the bike and the garden we were putting out at the time. We steered clear of asking him if he'd fixed things with the latest lovely who at last chat wasn't working out because she was jealous that he remained friends with all of his exes...

But then on Sunday he text the question, "Is it okay with **R** that we're friends?"
Then came the text, "Ask him why."

I could see where this was going and its a question that I'd love to know the answer to as well...After three psychotically jealous partners, I AM THRILLED to have found a guy that just isn't. And I know it is a huge problem in a lot of other friends relationships. So I asked him.

Here's what Sir Hotness said, "Jealousy is lack of trust. The better question is why would I be in a relationship with someone I didn't trust?"

I can't really add anything to that wspecially since the ex concerned was once upon a time hideously jealous of anyone who blinked my way. A little karma maybe;)

Seriously, jealousy isn't pretty and relationships are soooo much better when it isn't a factor.

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