Wierd Day?

Everyone has days like this, right?


Bounced into a woman I have not seen in twenty-six years...and she's screaming my name from across the dining room of a McDonalds...my maiden name. And I'm thinking WTF?
There are disadvantages to moving "back home" after twenty-odd years: like everyone who stayed remembers you.
I didn't have a clue.
I start racking my brain, seriously going through the names in my head of girls I used to know and she's naming "mutual friends" asking have you seen__, have you heard__, have you, have you, have you????? OMG.
She even knew my first husband was in a horrific accident and wanted to know if I'd ever remarried...
Okay, so I'm not stupid.
Me: "Oh my goodness! We have to get together, catch up, do you have a business card?" (Yeah, I can think quick on my feet when needed.) The conversation went down hill from there when I got invited to her house for a "Revolution Meeting."
Me: "A what?"
Her: "It's like a party. We are going to discuss what has to be done to take our country back."
Me: "Holy fuck. You're joking right?"
Her: "No! We have to get rid of Obama before the world as we no it comes to an end..." I zoned for a minute so I lost some of the conversation but it had veered into patriarchal fundamentalism and I started backing away. I announced I voted for Obama, am still supporting Obama, and proceeded to start listing all the amazing things he's already done in a short amount of time. I also mentioned that I'm pagan and have no intention of ever going to her church.

Chat with a friend who wanted advice about becoming a Pro-Domme...I ran out of advice right after asking if she knew if there were prostitution laws in Ohio...which yeah, I know, a Pro-Domme is not a prostitute but does the average city cop know that?

Chat with my critique partner to ask her what I should write today.
She advised going back to the paranormal maybe horror VooDoo book...
I'm taking her advice irst thing a.m. tomorrow.

Advice to a friend who keeps getting women mad at her because when they ask her out to lunch, they get mad when she denies being a dyke...and accuse her of just not wanting to have sex with them, demanding to know what is wrong with them that she isn't interested. Trust me, I've seen some of these women and I wish I had my friend's problem.
Advice for too many hot women wanting to buy her lunch=have them call me.
She says, "You're not a lesbian either."
My answer to that? The same one its been since I was sixteen. "Hello? Bisexual. Pay attention."

Conversation with another friend who says to me, "You will not believe what my father-in-law wants us to do! He wants us to go in with him buying some guns."
Remembering my earlier weird conversation from this morning I said, "OMG tell me he is not going to a revolution meeting?" (I was JOKING!)
Her: "I don't know about that but he says we need to learn how to be survivalists. Maybe move to Mexico so we can avoid taxation without representation and avoid the draft into the militia."

Question...Can you be drafted by a militia? Seriously?

I google "revolution." Did anyone think that anyone was going to take Rep-Michele Buchmann
serious when she called for an orderly revolution? I'm still hoping not.

I get an email from a guy who has emailed me once before asking me if I want to see LA. This time he is trying to put together a party where he gets to be the Dom and I would get to be one of three or four other slaves pampering him for his birthday. (the short answer was No Fucking Way...but then I thought of my friend who wants to be a ProDomme and I really thought about giving her his email. I've never seen the guy but I think she could take him.)

Started laying out VooDoo chapter heading by chapter heading to get a head start

Finally got around to reading my email tarot for the day:
Taurus: Just take it step-by-step at work

Hmmm...step by step...chapter by chapter...I think I finally did something right today;)

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Xandra Gregory said...

You did have a weird-ass day here, girl. The "revolution meetings" make me laugh, but they also make me cringe. They come about from alarmist rhetoric circulating in areas of the media where "entertainment" and "news" intersect. These people make their money (and it is an ever-lovin' crapload of money) off inflammatory rhetoric promoting "my way or the highway" fear and smear tactics. Some people take it as gospel. Unfortunately for the sane of us, it's big business inciting fear through misinformation.

Thing to remember is that Obama, when his record is examined, is really quite the centrist. Sure, he leans progressive, but he pulls his ideas from all across the spectrum.

I would really like to know where these people crying "revolution" were when a CIA operative was outed by an administration official who then received presidential pardon, and where they were when it was shown that the NSA and AT&T were complicit in massive warrantless wiretapping of US citizens. To worry about a potential ban on assault weapons that's about 345,856th down on the "list of things that need fixing" and that wouldn't have anything to do with handguns and rifles that most law-abiding citizens find useful, is flat-out ridiculous.

Then again, I've never worried much about not owning an uzi. I can't find one that looks good with a kicky, empire-waisted dress.