A Gay Prime Minister

Well, we didn't end up with a female president but I celand is going to have a female Prime Minister...at least for a few months until elections can be held...and get this, she's gay!

Johanna Siguardardottir, Iceland's social affairs minister, is set to become the country's interim prime minister. A former flight attendant and union organizer, she is openly gay. Recent polls have showed Sigurdardottir, 66, to be the nation's most popular politician. She will lead until new elections are held, probably in May.

I'm not sure what happened to the other Prime Minister...but I do know that Iceland has struggled worse than the US in these economic hard times. Iceland's banks collapsed last fall; so perhaps their government fell under the weight of tension over high inflation and no jobs.

Regardless, of their woes...I'm thrilled that they are open minded enough to have both a woman, and a woman who is an open lesbian step up to the plate.

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