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I just got word that All Romance Ebooks is now carrying Voyeur and all of my Loose-Id releases, which is exciting because it gets my 'babies' in front of more readers...

I also feel like Voyeur is one of my best...

So this post celebrates their decision to carry my work, stop by All Romance and check them out if you've never been by there.

Here is what my Voyeur page looks like!
By: Roxy Harte Other books by Roxy Harte
Published By: Loose Id LLC
ISBN # 978-1-59632-790-0

Word Count: 50040
Heat Index:

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket
Price: $6.99

I was really excited by the selected excerpt that All Romance Ebooks has decided to use because it is one of my favorite scenes! So here it is:

The Excerpt:

She rethought. I have a date. She giggled, remembering the stolen kiss. She'd never thought to see him again, no matter how intrigued she'd been, no matter how wonderful the kiss had been. And Jonas on the bus...oh my...intrigue spiked to a whole new level. She was definitely looking forward to their date. Maybe she would actually have something to share for the next Saturday morning confessional.

With a hopeful smile, she entered the elevator that would take her back upstairs to the club. The elevator doors closed, shutting out the traffic noise.


Autumn jumped, spinning to face a man standing in the corner that she hadn't realized was there. Small slurping noises drew her eyes down to where a bleached blonde sat on her knees delivering a blowjob. Eyes wide, jaw dropped, Autumn spun around to face the front of the car.

Be calm, be calm. It's just a man getting a blowjob.

Oh shit! Be calm! Becalmbecalmbecalm! she chanted, though it didn't matter that she'd been chanting her mantra all night...this moment was no more conducive to being calm than any of the others, including her baptism by stage show. She was still not sure how she'd missed realizing the woman on stage was a man -- until after he'd raised his skirt and revealed the very naked truth of the matter. Or a woman who wanted to hook up and allow her boy toy to watch. This was just one more very uncalm moment to join the list. She watched the blinking numbers announce each floor. Why was the club all the way at the top?

The slurping grew louder and she considered getting off on the next floor, but her fingers wouldn't reach out to touch one of the glowing buttons. She thought they'd be as embarrassed as she, but glancing over her shoulder, she decided, not him; he looked entirely too smug. Why hadn't the woman jumped up to adjust her clothing? If it were her, she knew she would be cringing behind the man with embarrassment. No, what was she thinking? She would never be caught in such a compromising position.

Juliet would. Kim would too. And Delilah had already revealed in too much detail an incident eerily similar a few months earlier on their legendary Saturday morning conference calls...though she had been the one giving the blowjob.

What did that say about her friends? She knew for a fact that they weren't sluts. She reminded herself to have a serious discussion with herself later as to what specifically did define slut these days, just to clarify; they were just fun loving. And yes, Autumn liked to think of herself as fun loving too; however, she never seemed to luck into the opportunities her friends did and she wasn't brave.

They would see this as a primo opportune, but that led to the question, what to do with the opportunity? She didn't have a clue...she was after all...just a watcher. She sighed, nonchalantly looking over her shoulder to check out the man. At first glance, he'd been incredible. And at second glance? Devastating. He looked as if he'd walked out of the pages of a glossy magazine, a model, or someone famous, or someone who should be famous. His shoulder-length black hair fell around his face as he looked down at the woman sucking his cock. With a mere lift of his eyes, mysterious hazel irises surrounded by the thickest set of lashes she'd ever seen on a man, he captivated Autumn.

He winked. She jumped, seeming to wake from a dream that concealed the woman still on her knees between this man's legs. Yes, he still leaned into the wall of the elevator, casual as could be, even though a woman greedily slurped between his thighs.

Normally, she enjoyed a good voyeuristic moment...but this was pushing it. She'd never watched so openly before, or in such close proximity. Don't look there!

Autumn forced her eyes to focus above his shoulders, examining closer the strong face with chiseled features and a black goatee that made him deadly as sin. Shadows now hid his eyes but his nose was strong and nicely shaped, if a little crooked, like it had been broken before.

He looked like Rick Springfield. Knowledge dawned slowly. She gaped, knowing without a doubt that she was looking at Master M.

But wasn't he with Juliet?

Unless...he'd already made her fly and now he was...

"Damn. That was fast."

He lifted his brow at her comment, then looked down at his dick. "No, not really."

Autumn ducked her face, snickering. Maybe he'd never had a chance to hook up with Juliet...well, obviously he hadn't because there hadn't been enough time...right? Flying would surely take more than a few minutes, and if he hadn't made Juliet fly, Autumn couldn't lie and say she wasn't relieved. Flying seemed...dangerous.

She took another peek at the man's face and decided he looked dangerous.

He wore a leather vest, his tanned chest bare, exposing a nice line of muscles over his stomach that led to his pelvis like a sharp arrow. Faded blue jeans rode low on his hips, unzipped and opened...

She looked. Shit! She glanced away as quickly as she could but not before noticing the long, thick penis sliding in and out of the woman's mouth.

"Like what you see?"

The smug bastard! In a flash, she turned to face him, ready to give him a piece of her mind, tired as she was of all men being bastards, when the peculiarity of the moment dawned on her... Shouldn't he be enjoying the attention of the woman between his thighs? Shouldn't he be lost in bliss, moaning and whispering encouragement? Shouldn't he be coming by now? But as his gaze snagged hers, his look smoldered challenge and she got lost in the depths of his teasing hazel eyes and sinfully thick dark lashes.

He isn't enjoying her performance at all.

"Well?" he demanded.

She looked him over.

She drawled, "You're easy on the eyes," turning away with a blush and determined to not keep looking at him. She steeled her eyes on the faded gray elevator doors.

Proud of herself for being so brave, Autumn forced away her blush; this had gone beyond insanity. This was something she could tell her friends about! Finally, her very own great adventure...

She could almost hear the silence of their bated breath, waiting for her to tell all for a change.

Autumn sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, seeing the picture in her mind as they waited...and realizing she had absolutely nothing to tell. Oh yeah, except for the challenge she'd felt emanating from those incredible bedroom eyes. A challenge she'd met with a smart comeback. Great. Awesome story.

"That's it? I'm easy on the eyes?" His voice was loaded with mock challenge and, strangely, disappointment.

Oh, she thought with despair, what would her friends do? She snorted. Kim or Delilah would offer to do him next and she certainly wouldn't go there. What would Juliet do? No, no. She imagined an erotic Juliet sandwich and knew she would definitely not go there! But possibly, just possibly, she was capable of a naughty stunt of her own, especially since the likelihood of ever seeing him again was beyond remote. Her eyes flew up to the lighted numbers above the elevator doors, counting up their ascent. Still, seven floors to go. Time. She had time. But to do --

No time to think, Autumn, just do something. Do something!

For the first time in her life, she did what she felt compelled to do and backed up and leaned against the elevator wall, putting her side to side with the man. She didn't look down at the woman on her knees who -- despite Autumn's arrival in the elevator -- kept sucking. She forced her eyes to his face. Another step found her brushing against his body. She reached to touch him, grazing her fingers over his jaw. She smoothed her fingers over his face, then wrapped her hand around the base of his neck. He didn't move, not one inch, though his dark eyes widened and the smirk left his face. She grew bolder, knowing he hadn't expected this.

She felt his rising chest go still beneath the press of her breasts as she moved even closer. She wanted to believe that she was responsible...that somehow because of her nearness he'd forgotten to breathe...but then his breath left in a hiss.

His eyes closed, briefly, long enough for her to gather enough bravado to press her lips to his wide mouth, but only to plant soft kisses at the corners of his lips. His lips were as soft as rose petals and she longed to sweep out her tongue, just for a little taste, but she didn't dare. His eyes opened and for a second she was caught in their wonder. Seeking safer haven than their golden-flecked depths, she lowered her eyes to his chest, her hands traveling where her eyes wandered...over his collarbone, down the line between his pecs.

He still hadn't moved a muscle to touch her, but he was definitely paying attention to her, and his breathing had kicked up a notch. She leaned her head back to look directly into his eyes and saw hunger.

He wants me.

It was enough to spur her further, enticing her mouth to succumb to temptation.

Just a little taste, she promised herself as her lips sealed over his. The result was a long, deep kiss. Her tongue, not satisfied with its promised taste dove deep, then deeper.

The kiss spiraled out of control, because even though he still hadn't moved to touch her, the power had somehow shifted. She felt a pull from deep within her soul as she was filled with a mind-numbing lust unlike anything she'd experienced before. Clutching his shoulders, her knees weak enough to collapse, she felt the tension building within the man, a screaming need waiting to be vented.

What just happened?

He was close to coming, she could feel it...so close...when a moment before he'd been bored. I did this to him.

The elevator chimed and she froze, knowing the elevator door was going to open. Her mouth pressed to his, tongues mingled, she held her breath. The door opened and after a long pause, closed again. Their ascent continued.

He took control of the kiss, hungrily and greedily demanding more from her mouth. Her knees went weak and her pussy tightened but her mind stayed in control. She pulled her lips away from his and for a long moment held his gaze, feeling the small jerks of his taut abdomen and chest muscles beneath the press of her palm.

She couldn't help smirking as she leaned into the tender spot behind his right ear. She inhaled deeply, noisily. Lost in his scent and almost forgetting her motive, she sighed.

"You smell incredible too," she said and she knew her words had pushed him over the edge. He was a goner. The muscles beneath her hand grew rigid and locked in spasm. Autumn held on to him, feeling his fall as his orgasm went on and on, his growl sounding too painful to bear, and his heartbeat drumming out of control beneath her hand.

The elevator chimed, doors opening for a second time.

Autumn managed a wink at the girl still on her knees as she rushed through the barely opened gray doors.

So, that's it...end of excerpt...I'm excited...hopefully you as my reader will want to read it now...because I'm working really hard on its sequel now! The working title of the sequel is EDGE and follows the menage of Autumn, Jonas, Michael (Master M) and their dangerous version of play...

Did I mention that Jonas is a clinically diagnosed Sadist?
Yeah, he has issues...


Samantha Lucas said...

Congrats Roxy!

Wishing you a MILLION sales :D

Y said...

yay! i am soo happy for you! I am just starting it right now. I have had it since last week, but since my kids are back in school, I will finally get to read it!

Roxy Harte said...

Hey Y!

Let me know what you think...cause I've been working on the sequel! And it's pretty intense;)



Roxy Harte said...

Thanks Samantha!

A milllion sales...isn't that a nice dream? I might actually be able to afford a new car...lol...