I Hope She Wins a Fortune

A woman is suing a doctor for her painful childbirth experience...and I hope she wins. After having three babies I can honestly say that I had legitimate complaints after the birth of my first child...

I complained then, during and following the birth...to every doctor who would listen...and the woman in the story's article was eerily reminiscent of my own experience. Although after the birth of my first baby during which I experienced an unnecessary episiodomy...I was sown too tightly closed...making sex and future medical examinations excruciatingly painful or impossible.

My doctor's problem at the time...he wasn't my "regular" doctor...and in his eyes he saw "a young girl who wouldn't make the mistake of going through this experience again...and would be faster to keep her knees together." Even though I was mid-contraction when he said it...I will never forget the meanness in his voice. It didn't matter that I was married and nineteen, a legal adult...in his eyes, I'd done something wrong...and he was going to punish me for it.

So, I say, BRAVO, to the woman brave enough to sue this man...a true sadist...I really do hope she wins a fortune.

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Xandra Gregory said...

I hope she takes him to the cleaners. This is why midwifery needs more advocacy.