Samhain Blessings! Happy Halloween!

I was wondering if anyone has plans tonight?
Sexy plans?
Party plans?
Ritual plans?

I've been going through the mental motions all day of closing out one year and preparing for new...preparing lists...making plans...setting goals.

Sir Hotness and I headed out into the woods for a hike that took us past the "Three Sisters" 500 year old oak trees who could touch limbs and looked as if they were holding hands forming a circle...it has always seemed a very sacred grove to me.

I say were because one of the sisters has fallen...I think Hurricane Ike may have been the final straw for the tree who has survived an internal fire and been barely clinging to life for years. The other two sisters have had major cuttings so that their lower branches no longer touch...

So seeing the damage they have sustained both natural and man-induced was saddening, but their is still a calmness there, a quiet strength in their beauty. Age and time changes all of us. I think that is one of the reasons I have been so focused on fulfilling the dream of learning to climb. Of being so insistent that we use this fall and winter to develop my skills, so that we can take our climbing outside next spring and summer. I am feeling the passage of time...

Don't worry, Roxy isn't throwing in the towel but I am doing everything I can to realize my goals and dreams...everything I can to maintain my health and strength...into a very old age.

I read somewhere that although the three faces of the goddess are readily recognized: Maiden, Mother, Crone...there may be many more...and if I spend enough time thinking on it, I have to agree...using the timetable of twenty years...maiden would be to age 20, mother to age 40 and anything post forty? Crone? I'm not that old...and not that I am rebelling against the natural circle of change...but I agree, there are more than three phases in our life...it has been suggested (again, I'll have to look up the reference at a later date...sorry) Nymph, maiden, mother, creator, sage, crone, hag...seven faces of goddess...and spaced at 15 years would span a life of 105 years. I like that...that would put me in creator mode...I'm a writer...that works...it also gives me a heck of a lot of time to work on my hag skills...hehehe.

Happy Halloween
Samhain Blessings...

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