Flash Fiction Contest! What's Happening?

Liz asked, "What's inside the lens of the camera...I see handcuffs and shadows..."
And in answer...

I absolutely love that the girl in the lens is kneeling with handcuffs waiting for her. I can see the scene in my head where the Dom tossed them to her and commanded, "Put them on."

Just gives me shivers...

For fun...if anyone is interested Flash Fiction of 100 words: Poem or scene based on this photo:) Post your stories in the comment section so we can all enjoy them...

Have fun!

Winner of best will receive a free copy of Voyeur as soon as it is available!!



Liz said...

Love the enlargement! Oooooohhhhh!

Roxy Harte said...

I knelt because kneeling was expected. I assumed he would tell me to undress. He didn’t; he tossed handcuffs toward me and they landed on the carpet with a dull thud. “Put them on.”

I swallowed hard. I asked for this. Depersonalization. I wanted to be his but treated as a “nothing”…he wouldn’t say my name and I wouldn’t say his. I put the handcuffs on.

He looked at me, circled me, making me wait for the what next in what seemed like forever minutes and then as my heart thudded harder, the tension swelling between us, I knew the what next had arrived.

lissa said...

ooooohhhhh, goodie! I am working on my Flash right now!


NookieNotes said...

Fun challenge!


I kneel, staring at the handcuffs between my knees. I watch them warily, my thoughts tumbling over one another in my head, scattered and chaotic.

My power. My choice to submit.

You watch and wait, camera in hand. One soft click then another as you record my hesitation, my pride.

Do I want this?

“Pick them up, slip them on, and you are mine,” you said. “If you don't, we'll continue, but we will not progress.” It seemed the saddest, most powerful thing I have ever heard you say.

I lean over, my choice made, to pick them up.


Jeanne said...

Lucy in the Lens with Handcuffs

"You know this can be easy or hard?" His voice was whisper soft.
I giggled nervously. I had brought this on myself. Indecision was so not the proper frame of mind for this moment.
He frowned. "You find this laughable?"
I shook my head. At least I remembered not to speak unless given permission.
How could I tell my new Master that the handcuffs reminded me of an episode of "I Love Lucy"?

lissa said...


Handcuffs were her favorite. She loved the cold, hard, unforgiving metal. Loved the bondage, the capture, the surrender more when she was in handcuffs than any other time.

He had placed them on the floor between her spread knees, tempting her, teasing her.

“What do you think?” His tone dared her to reach out, to touch, show him that she needed them, that she needed the helplessness she floated on when she was locked inside.

“I…I love them. You know I love them.”

“How much?”

She was wet, hot, trembling. “Enough.”

“How much?”

“More than…”

Ladiejj said...

She rests heavily on her knees her eyes to the floor looking at what He laid at her feet ...

Her heart races seeing the metal handcuffs ..Her mind rushes around her thoughts, the thought of being bound, restrained, hands held tightly together. There was nothing she liked more than that cold feel around her wrists.

She sits silently knowing He is there staring at her, making her wait, watching her fidget, listening to her quivering breath.

He picks up the handcuffs. Tilting her chin up to meet His gaze. "Now don't you wish you had a been a good girl."

Savanna Kougar said...

A bit of a different take, but here's mine.

Love the handcuff flashing...

Jeanne, what a great title!


Cyrus despised his brother. If he could have cut his throbbing heart out, tossed the bloody mess down the steps of a Mayan pyramid in a mock ceremony, he would have jumped on the next plane to accomplish the deed, no second thoughts. Instead he had the only woman Zane had ever loved before the eye of his camera, ready to do his every artistic bidding. He’d promised her a huge paycheck from a freelance magazine. Sherie raised her two brothers, and had lost her modeling job. She reeked utter desperation.
“Put them on. I want your tits thrust. Beautifully.”

Dragons princess said...

As i heard Sir pull into the drive, as usual i was on my cushion where i was to wait for his arrival. commanded to find something to bind my hands with and have them waiting with me. His cuffs, the coldness, but strength that binds me. Just as in SIR. It is His strength and guidance that binds, and bends me like clay.
Rise my sweet one, present thyself. my clothes drop to the floor, hands on my head, my head up my eyes down, legs apart.
the cuffs, click one hand, click two hands, and then the blindfold.
led blindly by Master. i his fountain to feed from for his pleasure. all starting with His cuffs.

Roxy Harte said...

Ooooh...I love all of the Flashes so far! At the end of the week the winner will be drawn from a hat because it is just too hard to pick on talent!

And hoping I have a release date by then!