A Little Light Entertainment...

Today is...was(gotta keep it in positive mode)... verging on wasted day status...struggled over five hundred words for about three hours...why am I suddenly stalled mid book? Am I thinking too hard? Maybe. Am I worried that I will never measure up to the greatness of Stephen King or Stephenie Meyers? Nah, though reading them simutaneously has been an amazing brain jolt...

My brain is bored...
Is my writing boring?
I reread...I may need a third opinion...third because my second opinion got my reader, my regular critique partner, so worked up that she had this to say in her comments:
"Jameson needs to die in fire. Emma needs hit with a frying pan and to
meet a man who's a grown-up. Bianca needs to quit being a damn
doormat. I love Toby. The little boy thing creeps me out but not as
much as I thought it would, because it's pretty clear that it's a
gender role-playing thing not motivated by either abuse or that wrong
kind of fetish that will no doubt get this email read by the gubmint.
Adrian--meh. He's kind of a dork. Bishop, I like. Lose the wife and
kids, that train pulled out of the station with Emma and Jameson.
Phelps--who the hell is he and where the fuck did he come from,

I've decided that if this WIP can evoke such strong emotion in its very rough draft state...I must be onto something...

Eatting shrimp, drinking beer and gonna take a break from the keyboard to go watch Beautiful Girl's soccer game.

Hopefully when I get home, it will all make sense.
Watched a dvd to get out of my funk...
here's my thoughts about Walk All Over Me:
I'm a sucker for cute girls in latex...and Tricia Helfer wielding a whip? Yeah, I can totally get into that too...add a little ditziness from Leelee Sobieski and you have Walk All Over Me.

The DVD jacket promises, "A dangerously deviant ride that will leave you begging for more." And "Latex meets larceny in this sexy thriller."

Trust me, it isn't a thriller, but for a little comedic relief while Sir Hotness is away...definitely...plus I have a great imagination so I can fill in the gaps that the story didn't.

I've been told it is a Blockbuster Exclusive...but I found it at Netflix...and also at Netflix?..The Pet...and The Secretary. I may have to give my brain a little more light entertainment before this day is through.

Also...got my contract for Living Vicariously in the mail today from Loose-ID...YAY


Xandra Gregory said...

Your writing is so NOT boring, lady. You have a knack for inspiring strong feelings in your readers. You may just be needing a bit of break from a certain type of story...or you may need to feed your head with movies, fiction, and weird hentai manga--oh wait...no, that's me...

<3 ya babe!

Roxy Harte said...

Weird Hentai Manga?
I think I'll stick with porn...lol