I Am Now The Proud Owner...

Of a bicycle!

Actually, I am failry excited...because I didn't realize when I married Sir Hotness that he likes to bicycle...and once upon a time...two decades ago...my bicycle took me everywhere I wanted to go...by choice...even after baby number one...then came baby number two and I had to trade in my bicycle for a car and two car seats.

I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my car completely (although it is on permanent loan to my teenager with the understanding that when I need it...I get to use it), but I am ready to lower my impact on the world's energy crunch...

I took a maiden voyage across the road and realized that although you never forget how to ride a bicycle, shifting gears is another story...I'm a bit rusty...I should have gone for the automatic.

Oh well, have wheels...will travel...even if I limp along awhile!

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