Redesign For My Webpage...

I am currently working on redesigning my website www.roxyharte.com and am looking for input. If you want to help me, please go to my site...look it over...and answer the following questions...and of course add any additional thoughts on what you think will make my site a better place...

1. Currently I have available titles on the home page...what would you like to see on the home page?

2. Are the excerpts easy enough to find?

3. Are there enough excerpts to entice you to buy my books?

4. Would you like to see a link to a Chronicles of Surrender information page, a Lewd Larry's Forum, or a readers forum?

5. Would you like to see a BDSM advice/Q&A page?

6. Would you like to have access to a daily BDSM demonstration video?

7. Would you like to see excerpts from my other writings...ie paranormal, suspense, time travel...?

8. What would make the page easier to navigate?

9. I am planning to move my blog to my Roxy web site so that I have more control over what I can post...what would make this an easy transition for you the reader?

10. Any other ideas?

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