Dom/sub Reviewed by Two Lips

Victoria of Two Lips Reviews gives Dom/sub 4.5 Lips! However, only 1.5 Flames when it comes to heat...I must have lost my touch or she really likes it smoking:) Between BD Darkly's very scary, how far is too far? And my pain play...I thought we'd managed a little heat between us...

I'll let my readers' judge the heat level...which as author's we both toned down a bit to fit into Loose-Id's comfort zone...

Anyway, here is the revew...which I loved...I'm just going to pout over that one and a half flames a bit longer...

Dominance by B. D. Dark is the story of Master Steve and his submissive, Kim. Holding a wickedly sharp knife over his submissive’s breast, Steven wonders how their play has degenerated so sadistically. He recalls how they met, reliving key points in their relationship, which has arrived at this pivotal point. Can he continue to fulfill his sub’s needs, while making sure no harm comes to her?

In Dominance, Ms. Dark brilliantly depicts how risky D/s play can become when both partners feel the need to escalate their demands. Being new to the D/s scene, Steve naturally wants to explore all his sub’s limits. This leads to some scenes depicting Japanese rope bondage, breast and wax play. I liked that he stepped back when his sub wanted him to engage in dangerous knife play, thinking about if this was the right thing to do. He comes to the conclusion that, as the dominant one of the pair, he must make Kim’s safety the top priority in the relationship.

Submission by Roxy Harte is the story of Julia Moran. Julia was married to Master Jasper for ten years, serving him faithfully until his untimely death. Two years later, she finds herself wanting to live again. Loving friends introduce her to Everett Hawthorn, otherwise known as Lord Draco. Will she be able to let go of her old life, courageously forging something new?

I felt for Julia in Roxy Harte’s Submission. She was part of the power D/s couple in their social circle. This makes her wonder if she should keep that mystique alive, remaining without a Dom or let her beloved Master go. When Lord Draco comes into her life, he introduces her to a different style of domination. He’s the perfect Dom for Julia because he doesn’t let her legendary past get in the way of his sexual demands. He pushes her boundaries and makes her confront the past in order to create something new.

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