Just To Prove I'm Not A Tease

I have been accused of many things but a tease...not a chance!
After several phone calls from friends inquiring if we were still alive and the status of our house, mainly the question being, "Is it still standing?"
Yes, house still standing, though the wench in residence is listing a bit

So, not knowing, nor having never met the band known as Three Pints, they do have the best online version of the Moose Song online...so if you can envision five randy, drunken pirates, and two highly intoxicated wenches bellowing pub songs off-key and quite loudly...we were probably as entertaining...or at least we thought we were...
This is The Moose Song...
click here if embed not avail

Still wanna know more?
This is the song Roll Your Leg Over as sang by a talented pianoman on one of the Carnival Cruises...not a pirate, but I swear, close your eyes and you could be in our living room...
click here

Now, Forgotten Girl, don't you wish you hadn't been quite so curious??

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Anonymous said...

Ya know with all the sh** going on right now, I needed to get my SATISFACTION where I could! And I knew YOU would satisfy me! Thanks for not letting me down.....FG