It's Monday

I rarely think about what day of the week it is...most of mine blend because I potentially work seven days a week and until very recently hadn't taken a day off since Easter...
I really enjoyed my day off...
Then I took another day off...several days in between...but for workaholic girl a significant event.

Today was work, no doubt about it, beginning with the alarm and getting out of bed, followed by the longest day...not all work...but definitely a Monday...as in-it FELT like a MONDAY all day.

Not a good thing since it's 5:15pm here, when most people are getting off work, and I have to keep going like the Energizer bunny for several more hours (at least six more hours) longer if I really want to prove how badly I want to make the new job a huge success...and if I was smart ...and I'm not certain I'm up to smart today...there are three hours of serious, very dry reading I've been putting off for days that all lead to creating personailty profiles in my "spare time". Yes, the boss used those exact words:)

Did I mention, it really feels like a Monday?
And I have a thirty page to do list?
I really can't wait until Tuesday...
Until then-I found more eye candy...enjoy:)

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