The Writer's dilemma

I haven't posted to my blog for a week and for that I apologize. I could blame my crazy life, yeah, there is that; however, honestly, I got caught up in a conversation with a writer friend on Monday that made me think. As in, thinking too fucking much about all the wrong things...all because of an innocent comment.

You see, I've started the sequel to Sacred Secrets, ie Book 2 of the Chronicles of Surrender, which was originally slated as Unholy Promises...However after a needed conversation with my editor, I convinced her that Unholy was indeed Book 3 of Chronicles and that Book 2 was the yet created Sacred Secrets Revealed. This happened Sunday so by Monday morning I'd been rockin and rollin with Sacred Secrets Revealed all night and was feeling pretty good about it...That means this book is writing itself and I am embracing the joys of being a writer...Contrasted with ...The other times when writing requires major doses of alcohol because the characters are lying in fetal position or screaming incoherently at me and during those times being a writer is one giant pain in the ass.

But Alas, Monday was not such a day.
Until I had a chat with writing friend who made a very innocent comment about upsetting the reader...As in if you write about...You might upset the reader.

And this is were the writer's dilemma lies.
So, what's the answer?

I've spent a week dithering over this whilst my book continues to write itself, really amazed that when I give my characters free reign to say what they wanna...it is just awesome what comes out of their hearts and minds. That doesn't mean that my writing friends comment isn't in the back of my head and every once in a few written pages I'll think is that PC?

Jump back, I'm writing erotica, I'm exploring BDSM's emotional and psychological ramifications through my characters experiences and I'm suddenly worried if this is politically correct? No way! But then my friend's voice (omg is this my new conscience?) sounds in my head asking, "Is this scene going to be offensive to my reading audience?"

Heavy sigh.
My fingers come to a complete stop...My characters hold their collective breath, wondering, "Okay, she going to let us get our kink on, or not?"

I heavy sigh again, very glad that I am not only secure in my own sensuality, but I'm secure with my character's sexuality as well. My fingers do the happy dance across the keyboard, writing chapters, not pages, because my characters are very happy being allowed to get their kink on.

I visited SilverExpressions today and scrolled through a few entries, finding one that addressed the question, is cyber chat sex infidelity? in reference to a book that was being critiqued by a fellow author and friend...I hope that after reviewing the comments that critiquing friend doesn't advise the writing friend to clean up her book based on the obviously morally objectionable subject matter of cyber sex...And even if critiquing friend would advise writing friend to do so, I hope writing friend is secure enough to not make PC changes!

Can you imagine what the Story of O would have been if made PC? Or Topping From Below?
The horror of either of these stories being tampered with!

Sacred Secrets Revealed, Book 2 of the Chronicles of Surrender is almost complete and guaranteed to not be PC.


Anonymous said...

Testing the Cyber waters

Lara said...

Hm. Not really sure that it was convincing so much as me being glad you were seeing my way about the sequel. Mwahahahha. :)

As someone who will go over SSR with several fine-toothed combs, I say write what your characters want you to write. If there's anything that gives pause or is worthy of concern, we'll deal with that later. Take it from a girl who is often paralyzed by the critics who sit on her shoulder, you can't let what other people think cloud your head while you're creating. After, yes. During. No way.

Maeve said...

How about this one:

Is co-writing sex scenes with an author of the opposite sex a kind of infidelity? You know the story... you invest your essence in the scene. He does the same. And, boom--you have the cyberchat question all over again: Are they just words?

It must be like actors and actresses doing love scenes. I can't help but think that it is difficult, at least it would be for me.