I Must Have Been Sleepin'

Okay, I know exactly what I was doing when this debate was raging ...and it wasn't sleeping--however, it did involve prone bodies at least at one point. That said, I apologize for not bringing this raging debate to my blog readers attention sooner!

So what is the raging DEBATE?
Pubic Hair..
more accurately the lack thereof...

The Stranger was talking about it.
The Salon was gaa-gaa... just follow along the comment section following the question posed, "All the guys I'm dating want me to shave down there..." what do I do?
Is this a serious question or completely rhetorical?
Either way...it created HIGH DRAMA!
Mistress Matisse's blog of Seattle fame
even had a small comment and since I visit her blog daily, I even felt comfy enough to add my own two cents to her comment area...and really, she had some hysterical comments if you feel so inclined scroll down to her miniscule Aug. 24th post and read the comments!

My favorite quote from this entire internet frenzy of angst was perhaps from The Stranger, "But good lord, people, we're talking about a little patch of hair here. If you're too chickenshit to even try a little experiment with that, then you just don't deserve a hot sex life."

So if your sweetie has asked you to go bare, or perhaps you were thinking about baring it all...here are some helpful hints from Bulletins From the Bedroom and even if you don't want to be that brave, they have some awesome pointers on other bedroom etiquette as well...


Rae Morgan said...

I agree with The Stranger -- if a person can't experiement with a little hair shaving in the nether regions then he, she, it don't deserve a good sex life.

And what did your huneybunny do that lasted several days?!!!


celine chatillon said...

I don't know... Does that mean he tells you how he wants you to dye or style your top hair, too? He tells you what to wear, how to vote, what to eat... I think it's your body and you can shave or not shave your bush as you deem fit.

This is burn-your-bra women libber here speaking of course. If you're into others telling you what to do, then ignore me! ;)

Queen Maab said...

Celine...dear ...put down the bic!! I doubt that the man is so controlling that he has a say in the grooming dept. Maybe his experiance is a little more than hers...lets not have a nut roasting yet!!! Christ!! I..not sure bout y'all, like a little input from my mate, I have learned alot more from compliance than I ever did from defiance...and please don't take this as an act of weakness..every Goddess knows, The one who is silent, is the one to Fear!!

Kate Willoughby said...

'Kay, here's the thing. Been there, done that, won't be doing it again. First, you have to keep it up! It's a pain. Pits and legs are quite enough to deal with, thank you! I got an ingrown hair that got infected and had to go to the doctor. And, it's itchy when it grows back.

Vanessa Hart said...

Celine and Kate,
I'm with you! What pisses me off royally is these same guys seem to think they look so adorable with their 2-day growth of facial hair. Take Keith Urban, for instance. He'd be nice looking if he'd bother to shave. (I sure hope Nicole Kidman doesn't shave her bush for him unless he reciprocates. *LOL*)

Having been shaved in the nether regions for surgery, I can tell you that it's unpleasant when it starts to grow out again.

I will shave under my arms. I will shave my legs. That's my limit, guys.


Anonymous said...

As the husband of an erotic romance author, let me say that I shave my nether regions completely, but the missus doesn't. I ask her to, but she basically says she is too lazy. She does like that I do it, though. A lot.

I do it because my wife likes it, not because I want to. I guess that makes me a traitor to the men's lib movement!